PIANGO wishes Vanuatu a happy Independence Day

While the Pacific continues to face all kinds of social, economic, environmental, and political challenges, Vanuatu remain steadfast on the belief that our Pacific is not free until West Papua and Kanaky are free.

Our Focus Areas


The CSO landscape is changing that CSOs cannot work in silos anymore. PIANGO will facilitate and support an enabling environment...

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PIANGO will provide the development sector with thought leadership to promote localized, responsive, relevant, and forward-thinking approaches to development in...

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PIANGO will actively include, promote, facilitate and amplify the voice of communities, vulnerable groups, and civil society organizations at the...

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Governance / Leadership

PIANGO will build a strong Kainga of resilient institutions within the network and across the sector that:  empowers communities, addresses...

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Our journey began officially at the first-ever PIANGO Council in Pago Pago, American Samoa in August 1991. The move to establish PIANGO however came out of conversations in the late 70s that highlighted the need to strengthen regional networking of NGOs across the Pacific. During the 80s the conversations carried on and culminated in the drafting of a constitution for a Pacific Islands Association of NGOs. PIANGO is now a regional secretariat to a network of umbrella organizations or platforms that are registered in 24 countries, territories, and states across the Pacific region.

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