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Organisation Structure

Kelera Bativou

 Kelera Bativou is the Project Assistant Officer at the PIANGO Secretariat. Her role is very important as she works with all sections in the Secretariat.  This

Ms. Sarah Thomas Nededog

Chairwoman PIANGO Board  Sarah M. Thomas-Nededog, is Board Chairperson at Payu-TA, Guam and is Senior Vice President at Westcare Pacific Islands. Mrs. Thomas-Nededog is a staunch supporter

Ms. Roina Vavatau

Board Member Mrs Vavatau is the former chief executive officer of SUNGO and current SUNGO Board chair. Shes an avid member of Goshen Trust in

Ms Litia Niumataiwalu

Vice Chair|PIANGO Litia Niumataiwalu has a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge in the banking and finance sector. She is a business director and serves

Mr Robert Zutu

Board Member Robert Zutu is the Chairman of Development Services Exchange, the umbrella organization of CSO’s in Solomon Islands. Mr Zutu is programs director for

Mr. Keu Mataroa

Board Member An executive Committee Member of the Cook Islands Civil Society Organisation (CISCO) Inc, which is the umbrella body for Cook Islands NGOs. Mr

Akmal Ali

Akmal is the for the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (PIANGO)

Ekta Singh

Ekta Singh is the Finance and Projects officer at the PIANGO Secretariat. In addition to her Finance duties, she is currently assisting in the Self

Ms. Emele Duituturaga

(Ex-Officio) Executive Director PIANGO A development specialist that has served throughout the Pacific region, having served in senior roles including CEO of the Fiji Ministry