Cook Islands

Country: Cook Islands
Current Time in Cook Islands:
NLU Name: The Cook Islands Civil Society Organisations Inc. – CICSO
Contact Details: Ms Ngara Katuke – President
Location: Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Postal Address: c/- Ministry of Education, PO Box 97, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Telephone: (682)29 357
Fax: (682)28 357
Organisational Structure: Yes
Governance Structure: Yes
Members: 25 – Women, Youths, Church, Uniformed Organisations, Traditional Groups, Chamber of Commerce.

a.   To coordinate and bring together all existing civil societies in the Cook Islands for the purpose of constructive and informative dialogue.
b.   To establish a network for obtaining and disseminating information/ resources to all civil societies in the country.
c.   To identify and expose the unified efforts, whereby the Cook Islands may derive benefits through the opportunity that will exist for such organizations to come together on a regular basis and discuss matters that will be of national interest and benefits.
d.   To act and serve as the national umbrella and voice, linking and representing the interests of all civil societies in the Cook Islands
e.   To liaise between the national Government, regional and international institutions, other civil societies and Funding Agencies on matters of interest and benefits to all members of CICSO.
f.    To coordinate, plan, organize and conduct training program’s for members of CICSO and other interested civil societies.
g.   To liaise on representations at National, Regional and International consultations, meetings, seminars, workshops, conventions and conferences.
h.   To act and serve as the link vehicle or the national voice on issues that will affect civil societies, following consultations with members of CICSO.

Current Activities or Key Strategic Focus Areas: – Strengthening of NGOs and CBOs
– Enhancing relationships
– CICSO administration
– Environment preservation
Staff Positioning: President – Ms Ngara Katuke
General Secretary – Mrs Lydia Sijp
General Treasurer – Mrs Tepaeru Kokaua Hagai
Country Information: Wikipedia – Cook Islands