November 23, 2021


PIANGO will provide the development sector with thought leadership to promote localized, responsive, relevant, and forward-thinking approaches to development in the region. The approaches will be aligned to the Agenda 2030 whist at the same time grounded on Pacific practices and values. PIANGO and its NLUs will enhance its evidence-based approaches to development by strengthening its research capacity.

Key Objectives/Results:

  • Civil society led research on approaches to build and sustain resilient and sustainable development increased;
  • Civil society research capacity built;
  • Indigenous and traditional knowledge informed approaches identified, researched, applied, and promoted
  • Rethinking Development and Recovering the Resilient Pacific 
  • The identities and development aspirations of the Pacific’s indigenous peoples and their communities engaged and promoted;
  • The convergence of philosophy, faith, governance, and community-supported to inform development practice;
  • Localization approaches in the humanitarian sector particularly and the development sector broadly researched, identified, promoted, and applied;