November 18, 2022

PIANGO NLUs to shape the UNDP PFM concept to a more simplified version

Press Release: November 18, 2022

Close to 20 representatives from the Pacific Island Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (PIANGO) National Liaison Units (NLUs) gathered in Nadi from yesterday to reflect and co-design the second phase of the Public Finance Management (PFM) Project with the aim to ensure transparency and accountability in the use of public funds in the region.

The two-day discussions centered on shaping a vision and goal based on the activities the NLUs have put forward as part of PIANGO’s Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PIMER) ahead of the PIANGO Council next week.

The programme is provided by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) through the Strengthening of Public Finance Management and Governance in the Pacific Project (PFM Project) that aims to strengthen oversight over public financial management in the Pacific region, through improving the budgetary scrutiny, public financial oversight and accountability capacities of parliaments, SAIs and civil society within the region. The project is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by UNDP.

PFM Project Manager Marine Destrez said the NLUs have always been trying to do everything together, to co-design and distribute the power as much as possible, deliberating the next phase of the project and how the project looks like as we move on to implementations.

“It’s worth the effort, we’ve been shaping the proposals on partnership and activities as we journey together since the last 2 years,” Destrez said.

“Every time we meet there’s a new piece of the puzzle that comes in which started to make sense, hopefully this time, we will have the final piece of the puzzle, of course, we’ll keep learning with a better sense of direction.

PIANGO Executive Director, Emeline Ilolahia said the conversation is now shifted around Pacific principles on development agenda to reflect the values we have and the fact that the project has been extended to another five years indicated the trust UNDP have in our NLUs.

PIANGO Executive Director, Emeline Ilolahia (left) with Public Finance Management Project Manager Marine Destrez

Ms Ilolahia said the process is very unique where the NLUs shape the UNDP PFM concept to a more simplified version. The discussion continues tomorrow with the Institutional Assessment and Mapping (IAM) a Pacific Regional CSO Accountability Framework which is aligned to the Global Standard for CSO Accountability.

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