National Liaison Unit for Australia

Country: Australia
Current Time in Australia (Canberra)
NLU Name: Australian Council for International Development – ACFID
Contact Details:  
Postal Address: Private Mail Bag 3, Deakin, ACT 2600, Australia
Telephone: (61) 2 6285 1816
Organisational Structure: Yes
Governance Structure: Yes
Number of Members: 80 members
Vision: ACFID is committed to achieving sustainable human development in which people are able to enjoy a full range of human rights, fulfil their needs free from poverty, and live in dignity.
Current Activities or Key Strategic Focus Areas: – Ensure active Australian support for the Millennium Development Goals
– Lead a credible and accountable NGO sector that is capable of meeting global and local challenges; and
– Ensure that ACFID is a healthy, effective and responsive organisation.
Country Information: Wikipedia – Australia