About Us

For over 25 years, the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Organisation (PIANGO) served the Pacific through strengthening and building the capacity of the civil society sector. This is through giving the sector a voice to policy formulation and development and strengthening National Liaison Unit (NLU) or the umbrella organisations in the 23 member countries of the Pacific.

PIANGO is the major regional non-governmental organisation with membership at the National level in this case in the 23 Countries and territories of the Pacific Islands. With its memberships network spread across the biggest ocean of the world has brought many challenges including the high cost of transportation, limited accessibility to communication systems, and the weak interest by in development partners to support civil society work both at national and regional level, it further demonstrates the lack of understanding of the role and contribution of civil society to extend and make services accessible to the poor and marginalised sector of our society. Given the lack of understanding of the role of Civil Society that has become a ‘boom and bust’ cycle in development partner’s support, PIANGO had experienced a fair share of the same.

The strong PIANGO network of NLUs demonstrated the ownership and family relationships that it has built over the years continued to support this network and it has kept us afloat. The re-emergence of PIANGO had developed this strategic framework incorporating all the learning from its journey to map out it future direction focusing on the following priority areas:

    1. Strengthening CSO Platform in the Pacific
    1. Development Effectiveness
    1. Evidence-based Policy Advocacy
    1. Pacific Developmental Leadership
  1. CSO Capacity Strengthening