November 23, 2021


PIANGO will actively include, promote, facilitate and amplify the voice of communities, vulnerable groups, and civil society organizations at the local level. This includes advocating for enabling environments that link empowered communities with empathetic governments and development partners at the national, regional, and global levels.

Key Objectives/Results:

  • Local platforms established through National Liaison Units to coordinate and connect the voice and perspectives of communities with national policy-making;
  • Research-informed policy advice provided to national, regional, and global policymakers;
  • National liaison unit monitoring of civic space increased;
  • Social accountability platforms that engage on behalf of and close the feedback loop with communities developed and facilitated by National Liaison Units;
  • Support provided to national, regional, and global coalitions of civil society organizations to extend reach and amplify voice;
  • Technology and innovation utilized to build a community voicebank e.g. online community perspective surveys or interactive youth opinion polls;