Country: Tuvalu
Current Time in Tuvalu:
NLU Name: Tuvalu Association of NGOs – TANGO
Location: Tamaga Tahi Building, Seimeana
Postal Address: P O Box 136, Funafuti, Tuvalu
Telephone: (688) 20759
Fax: NA
Vision: Our vision for TANGO is to become an efficient organisation working for the betterment of the NGOs and CBOs in Tuvaluto deliver activities that promote sustainable total human development and heightening the level of awareness of and different relevant issues affecting the lives of the local people. TANGO strives for cooperative effort amongst its members and a collaborative relationship with government.
Mission: To promote and support healthy and sustainable development of NGOs/CBOs.
Key Strategic Focus Areas: – To improve the capacity of NGO/CBO leaders and workers to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities.
– To carry out member NGO/CBO needs assessment periodically and determine appropriate strategic interventions to address their needs.
– To strengthen the capacity of NGO/CBOs in Tuvalu to initiate and manage action for sustainable human development particularly in outer-islands.
Governance Structure: TANGO Governance
Number of members: 47 members
Current Activities or Key Strategic Focus Area: – Governance, People and Policy – To promote good governance in 5 communities in Tuvula.
– Reef Coastal Program – Assist communities in establishing and management of conservation areas and preservation of reefs and coastal areas.
– Pacific Regional HIV/AIDs program – An AusAID funded regional HIV/AIDs program to provide capacity building on HIV/AIDs; assist development of National Aids Committees; give small grants for HIV/AIDs programs at national and community levels.
– EDF9 NSA projects – Provides funding assistance for Non State Actors projects as part of EU country support program which includes education, water and environment. NGO complex building is currently implementing as the last NSA project for EDF 9.
– Turtle Conservation – Community Capacity building on turtle conservation and protection.
– Global Environment Facility – TANGO is the host organisation and focal point for this facility. Mechanism here is to promote funding access to the NGO community through projects.
Country Information: Wikipedia – Tuvalu