March 21, 2016

Pacific CSO Capacity Building Project

The Pacific CSO Capacity Building Program funded by Bread for the World (BftW) aims to strengthen regional civil society organisations (CSO) through strategic investments in two key areas.

Through 2016 to 2018, the programme will invest in PIANGO and Pacific regional NGO partner networks to help increase their capacities and competencies and better reflect and respond to the diverse CSO landscape in their communications, interactions and cooperation at the country level in the various Pacific islands.

Secondly, it will work to develop a mobile pool of Pacific based local experts to provide ongoing technical capacity building support to Pacific CSOs.

Between 2016 and 2018, PIANGO is expected to conduct sub-regional workshops and trainings with key CSO actors and PIANGO members on leadership, next generation leadership, self-determination and decolonization as well as develop capacity building program design for future implementation as part of programme efforts to strengthen PIANGO and its partner networks and improve communications and cooperation.

Under this strategic area, it will develop a PIANGO Code of Minimum standards and accountability mechanism, conduct meetings with thinkers and institutions to fully develop an action plan and establish a platform to engage with partners, media, think tanks and actions groups across the region and beyond.

To build a mobile team of Pacific-based local experts for capacity building support, the programme will conduct needs assessments and provide organizational development support, training with Pacific experts to develop tools, methods, approaches and skills for effective consultations.

There are also plans to convene a networking of communication and ICT national focal points to respond to ICT and Human resource development capacity needs as well as the establishment of web-based mechanisms to enable smooth communication and exchange among the team of experts.

By doing these, PIANGO hopes that Pacific CSOs and grassroots are represented in regional and global fora and PIANGO dialogue mechanisms for quality debate, discussions and explorations- reflecting diversity of interest groups and CSO positions.

It also hopes that by 2018, key renowned media and academic institutions are engaged in the Rethinking Development and Reshaping the Pacific We want themes and are publicizing alternative strategies, policies and proposing innovations that are relevant for leading the Pacific into the future.