October 16, 2017

VANGO acknowledges PIANGO support for new board

(Port Villa, Vanuatu) ─ The Vanuatu Non-Governmental organisation (VANGO) Chairman Lai Sakita has acknowledged the Pacific Islands Association of Non–Governmental organisation (PIANGO) support towards his newly elected board. Lai Sakita is a veteran civil society activist and is not new to the role, he has already served six terms in the VANGO office.

“We are very grateful for the support that PIANGO has shown towards our nee Board and their commitment in assisting us in the process of the resurrection of our organisation. PIANGO’s support is very important to us, they are our regional organisation and we need them to advocate on our behalf on certain critical issues” added Sakita.

VANGO Chairman Sakita stated that he has a very experienced and active board who have extensive experience in their own organisations and together they will work together to map a way forward.

The new board members were elected through an election process coordinated by the VANGO Revival Taskforce appointed by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Sarah Thomas Nededog Chairperson of the PIANGO Board, welcomed the new VANGO Board at special dinner held between the two organisations last night, and congratulated the newly elected Chairman and Board stating that PIANGO looks forward to supporting them in their new role.

The sentiments were reiterated by PIANGO Executive Director, Emele Duituturaga who said that the Secretariat will facilitate ongoing discussions with VANGO to identify their needs and strengthen their capacity as the peak national body for CSOs.

The PIANGO Board and Secretariat team are in Vila this week to collaborate with the Pacific Islands Farmers Organisation Network (PIFON) for the first ever Pacific Week of Agriculture.

For more information or queries regarding the event please contact Ms Emele Duituturaga email / M:9991864