December 4, 2020

Pacific Developmental Leadership

PIANGO recognises that leadership is crucial to development effectiveness and that throughout the region there have been many initiatives designed to address this. PIANGO has in the past, taken a lead role in building capacity in CSO and together with UNDP and UNITECH founded a successful Graduate Diploma in NGO Management program. There is a clear role for PIANGO in this work, it is seen as valuable by our members and we have the organisational capacity to govern and direct the work. PIANGO will also seek to conduct a review of capacity building work across the region, what has and has not worked, the challenges and opportunities posed by the current context and some options for going forward. In relation to this, PIANGO will work with PIFS at the regional level and Pacific national governments on social accountability in advocacy of good governance while at the same time develop leadership training and development to target next generation CSO leadership.

There is a sweeping need to strengthen institutions and the next generation of leadership -and this includes Civil Society at large. More effective Civil Society organizations will be in a much improved position toad dress the developmental challenges of the people throughout the region.

Think Tank of Pacific experts on Developmental leadership in the Pacific

PIANGO will embark into a process of rethinking leadership approaches and create a common platform and a think tank for Pacific experts and thinkers to conceptualise a Pacific future. This will be abroad based alliance of civil society groups with a strong interesting regional matters including churches, NGOs, academics, think tanks etc to stimulate, enable and support dialogue, build capacity, create competence, transformation, reconciliation and region-building. The Think Tank will engage identify Pacific expertise and stakeholders who will cooperate as associates to provide and offer services to the CSO sector in: strategic strengthening of institutions and organising of synergies; consulting in management of dialogue and transformations; dialogue events, promote and progress rethinking initiatives.

Strengthen leadership capacity of CSO Emerging and Next Generation Leaders

PIANGO is launching into a “Future. Pacific” program to develop a think tank of national CSO leaders and other stakeholders, form a coalition of Pacific Island CSO leaders to contribute to leadership development and to nurture the next generation of CSO leaders.Building on the success of the GDP, PIANGO will evaluate the impact of the GDP and other Pacific capacity building initiatives and refocus to organisational development, strategic leadership development and innovation.

Key Objectives:

  1. Until December 2017, at least 20 youth leaders (at least 40 percent are females) have received leadership mentoring and coaching through a
  2. PIANGO coordinated NGL
    Self-determination and decolonisation in the Pacific We Want