October 23, 2017


Port Villa, Vanuatu – Civil societies in the Pacific are very diverse, ranging from local faith-organisations to climate change group, farmers organisations and women’s cooperatives. Civil society has evolved significantly with international organisations actively exhibiting an energetic voice in promoting climate change, gender equality and humanitarian response. At the local level, however, CSOs often face challenges in getting access to resources and funding, and finding a seat at the policy table.

Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisation (PIANGO) Executive Director Emele Duituturaga, stated that PIANGO is poised to help with that process. Our organisation is here to “amplify, magnify and electrify the voice of CSOs at the national, regional and international level” she stated. “Civil societies make a huge difference in development but we need to understand and effectively engage with the government policy process more effectively.”

Duituturaga’s presentation last week at the Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network, was part of the Pacific Farmers Festival side event in Port Vila last week that showed the participants exactly how local organisations can link with government and private sector. She also showed how these connections then become a part of the larger framework of international development, a process that needs to put people, planet, and prosperity first. PIANGO is committed to making sure that sustainable and resilient development happens, with CSOs sitting at the table, being heard and being included.

PIANGO is a regional coordinating umbrella body with a presence in 24 Pacific Islands countries and territories with member umbrella NGOs, known as the National Liaison Units. For Vanuatu, the recently reconstituted VANGO functions in that capacity. PIANGO provides a common voice for Pacific National civil societies at the regional and international stage. One example of this is its membership in the Alliance of 13 Pacific regional NGOs who are signatories to a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on the Oceanus Agenda of which PIANGO has been pursuing the focus on Rethinking Development and Reshaping the Pacific we Want.


For more information or queries regarding the event please contact Ms Emele Duituturaga email