December 2, 2016

Indonesia citizen’s support heartens Pacifi NGOs workers

Date – 2 December 2016

Suva – 

Visible support by Indonesian citizens for the halting of violence and oppression of West Papuans demonstrates the increasing public will against the Indonesian government’s continuing rule in the territory.

The sentiments were echoed at a joint prayer fellowship of staff of two regional NGOs, the Pacific Islands Association of NGOs and the Pacific Conference of Churches in Suva last week.

During the fellowship, actions of the Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua, or FRI West Papua, an Indonesian movement that recently announced its solidarity for the right of West Papuans for self-determination was discussed and commended.

Staff members who had organised the prayer fellowship to coincide with the Global Flag Raising campaign, gathered at the PIANGO Suva office praying for West Papuan women and children, fathers, youth and church leaders as they continue to push for self- determination.

“I think its important that we also stand in the gap for the oppressors, the Indonesian government so that the light and peace of God moves them from fear to freedom and love. That was also the focus of our fellowship today,” said PCC ecumenist animator, Sirino Rakabi.

“As members of the solidarity movement for West Papua, we took time to pray and reflect over the many challenging times we have overcome and dedicated the lives of West Papuans and Indonesians to God so they recognise the love of God for all of humanity and reach out to each other in love,” Rakabi said.

“We also thanked God for using us as regional development workers in this effort and asked that He strengthen us as we seek to pick up the pace into the coming year to support our leaders who stand at the front line of international and regional decision making platforms pushing for the world’s attention and action on West Papua,” said PIANGO communications officer, Sushil Patel.

The two hour prayer fellowship ended after a short flag hoisting ceremony of the West Papua flag, the Morning Star.