March 5, 2019

Climate resilience community engagement

The Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (PIANGO) is committed to work closely with one of its members, the Kiribati Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (KANGO), to help shape policies that reflect the needs, priorities, and voices of Kiribati communities on migration and climate change.

The project, Kiribati Voices for Dignity and Resilience (KV4DR), funded by the Commonwealth Foundation aims to ensure the voice of communities are heard and at the same time build their capacity on effects of climate change.

A team from the Commonwealth Foundation met with PIANGO and KANGO last month to learn at first-hand the project’s implementation process and how it will be monitored.

Grants Manager Comfort Osilaja said they are very happy to approve this particular grant to support the Kiribati communities around climate change.

She said they received a total of 400 applications and Kiribati was one of the four successful applicants from the region.

“It’s nice to have a good portfolio of different types projects in the region as you all may know, we work closely with CSO across the Commonwealth especially in terms of encouraging participation in democracy and development and listening to voices from the communities,” Osilaja said.

“The voices from Kiribati is very important to us in the debate of climate change and we support People’s participation in democracy and, “she added.

PIANGO Executive Director Emele Duituturaga said they appreciate the opportunity and will provide the support across the spectrum of civic voices to strengthen KANGO’s capacity to engage in governance for sustainable development.

She said PIANGO is focused on engaging with the people of Kiribati through KANGO to ensure they contribute to policy processes and governance accountability mechanisms

“This will allow community-based organisations to be better informed on the needs and priorities of local communities, better equipped to conduct evidence-based advocacy and are able to engage and influence policy,” Duituturaga said.

KANGO board member Kabiri Kokia said they are grateful for the opportunity adding they faced the most serious challenges when it comes to climate change.

“Like many Pacific Island countries, our issues, relating to climate change is huge, it is time that we listen to our people, prioritise their voices and make sure they are not left behind,” Kokia said.