August 12, 2021

Future is in your hands to shape, Ilolahia’s tells Youth

Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (PIANGO) is optimistic to increase its focus on next generation leaders as the future is in their hands to shape whilst commemorating World Youth Day.

The call to “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health” is a huge undertake that required systemic and institutional changes.  The compounding crisis of Climate Change and the pandemic to our food system required the innovation spirit of our youth for solutions.  PIANGO recognised the need to shift to systemic thinking ensuring meaningful engagement of youths within our National Liaison Units (NLU).

Executive Director Emeline Ilolahia reiterated PIANGO’s strategic direction of investing on youth leadership by providing the enabling environment for our Pacific youth to exercise leadership in the various roles they play in the food system of their society.  Our youth need also to value the life wisdom lessons past down from our Civil Society Leaders to ensure inter-generational connection and learnings.

On August 19, PIANGO will convene a Talanoa session with its NLU’s with the theme Understanding our Past and Current to stake a claim on the future – YOUTH TODAY an internal reflection to ascertain whether its structures were enabling and conducive to the effective participation of youth.

 “To invest in the future means nurturing leadership, mentoring and providing dialogue spaces for younger members as the next generation of civil society leaders,” Ilolahia said.

She says it is time to guide and support our youths to share the responsibilities of securing a better tomorrow with hope.