CSO Capacity Strengthening

Effective and visionary leadership and innovation supported by accountable management and good governance and impactive programs are cornerstones of PIANGO’s emergence as a key and influential regional development actor. Raising PIANGO’s own profile as well as that of the NGO sector itself, enhancing the individual and collective effectiveness of the PIANGO network to provide relevant capacity building services, strengthening relations with other regional organisations, putting in place policies, codes of conduct and ethics, governance mechanisms, communications and management systems, and securing sufficient human and financial resources to fulfill the PIANGO mission are seen as priorities.

Related Programs

CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness

13th April 2016

The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) is an open platform that unites CSOs from around the world on the issue of development effectiveness. The framework for CPDE was developed in Nairobi, Kenya from December 8th – 9th 2012 where 50 civil society leaders and representatives, including representatives from PIANGO – met to outline the...