The Kiribati Association of Non-Governmental Organisation (KANGO) is a national umbrella platform for 300 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) or Member Organisations (MOs) in Kiribati. KANGO exists to improve the human and social developments for the betterment of communities’ livelihoods in Kiribati by fostering cooperation, collaboration, networking and partnerships within KANGO members and external partners. One of the key areas of work for KANGO focuses on improving internal and external partnerships by enhancing CSO’s voice, engagement and participation in national, regional and global platforms for policy processes and development. In that regard, amplifying CSO voices at various policy platforms would require KANGO and its members to ground their work on evidence-based policy advocacy approaches.

In lieu of its role in amplifying CSO voices, KANGO in partnership with the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisation (PIANGO) secured a four-year project that was funded by the Commonwealth Foundation in 2018. The Kiribati Voices 4 Dignity and Resilience (KV4DR) project seeks to ensure that I-Kiribati communities are safeguarded from climate induced displacement ensuring their safety, security and dignity in adaptation and long-term resilience, whereby the intended outcomes include;

The project is couched on the three pillars of peace, prosperity and wellbeing/health and is aligned to the current government’s position on building resilience to adapt to climate change and its impacts. In light of the partnership between PIANGO and KANGO, PIANGO is managing the project on behalf of KANGO who are the implementers on the ground.

Next Steps


PIANGO seeks to recruit a Short-Term Consultant to develop a Policy Advocacy Training Manual on climate resilience for community based organisations. The content must be equivalent to three days of face-to-face training on climate resilience policy advocacy but can be adapted for general policy advocacy purposes on other issues. The training manual will also include modules on human rights related to climate induced displacement and how to write policy briefs. .


Description of Responsibilities:

Under the supervision of PIANGO and in close collaboration with KANGO, the consultant will perform the following tasks:


  1. Develop the contents for a draft Basic Policy Advocacy Training Manual that includes but not limited to the following key components;
  1. Sharing the contents of the draft Basic Policy Advocacy Training manual for approval by PIANGO and KANGO for final review/feedback whereby;


  1. Facilitate a Training of Trainers session with our KANGO colleagues.




Based on the agreed outputs, the Consultant will work with PIANGO




A 10 – 12 pages advocacy training manual with elaborate source of information, relevant examples and well-training referenced.



Expected time (days)

Percentage payment

Developing of basic Policy Advocacy Training Manual


40 on signing agreement

Reviewing of draft Training Manual & Finalisation



Training of Trainers






Bachelor’s Degree with at least five (5) years’ experience. Post Graduate Diploma in Public Policy or Climate Change is also preferable.


Functional Competencies:


Behavioral Competencies:


Timeframe and Fees:

The consultant will work for 11 working days which will spread out from 15 November 2021 to the 30th November 2021.  Fees will be paid according to the table under deliverables. 




The Short-term Consultancy will be a close recruiting process on recommendation from PIANGO and KANGO.  However, the following information will be required to be submitted to PIANGO to meet due diligent process and selection; should nominated Candidates be more than one.  Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to the appropriate emails provided below, to demonstrate their qualifications:

  1. Proposal explaining why they are the most suitable for the work, drawing on their knowledge and previous experience.
  2. Personal CV and at least 3 references.
  3. Financial proposal specifying the fees per deliverable. All costs envisaged to complete the consultancy must be included in the financial proposal as a separate line. Please send all documents to recruit@piango.org