Nanise Volau

PIANGO Values & Principles

PIANGO’s values are couched on the Pacific Development Effectiveness principles which emanated from a regional consultation convened by PIANGO with its NLUs. These include: People-centered, holistic, and sustainable development: Empowering people to improve their quality of life, to be free from violence, discrimination, and poverty, and to live with dignity. […]

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Who we are

Our journey began officially at the first-ever PIANGO Council in Pago Pago, American Samoa in August 1991. The move to establish PIANGO however came out of conversations in the late 70s that highlighted the need to strengthen regional networking of NGOs across the Pacific. During the 80s the conversations carried […]

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The CSO landscape is changing that CSOs cannot work in silos anymore. PIANGO will facilitate and support an enabling environment for strong, genuine, and sustained partnerships at the national, regional, and global level amongst CSOs, government, and development partners Key Objective/Results A PIANGO Plus approach in recognition of the different […]

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PIANGO will provide the development sector with thought leadership to promote localized, responsive, relevant, and forward-thinking approaches to development in the region. The approaches will be aligned to the Agenda 2030 whist at the same time grounded on Pacific practices and values. PIANGO and its NLUs will enhance its evidence-based […]

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PIANGO will actively include, promote, facilitate and amplify the voice of communities, vulnerable groups, and civil society organizations at the local level. This includes advocating for enabling environments that link empowered communities with empathetic governments and development partners at the national, regional, and global levels. Key Objectives/Results: Local platforms established […]

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